Romantic Coastline is a tourist area that travels along the 250 km long coastline from the Latvian-Estonian border crossing point to the port in Virtsu where you can take the next ferry to Saaremaa Island. The Coastline swings by Kihnu and Manija Islands, which both have their unique vibe, and even leads the wanderer to the mysterious inland with its deep forests and bogs. A well-aware and attentive eye will notice some signs of the forgotten coastline next to the Baltic Sea.

The true romance of the Romantic Coastline lies in carefree strolls along lonely, idyllic beaches and through picturesque fishing villages and farming areas; in adventures had in ancient, mysterious sites and during sunny explorations of the stunning, seemingly never-ending coastline; and in moments enjoyed as you bathe in the most beautiful sunsets. Then there are hikes through bogs you have entirely to yourself, and through coastal meadows and pine-covered sand dunes home to so many birds and the freshest of fresh air, which have a charm all their own.

The Romantic Coastal Road is the trademark of the Pärnu Bay Partnership of the Leader action group.