Romantic Beach Route destinations

Sometimes, our destination is a childhood memory. Other times, it is a place that calls to us from somewhere deep within, and sometimes, the destination is just an adventure. The Romantic Beach Route includes plenty of roads and tracks, along with cultural, historical and natural landmarks.

The Romantic Beach Route is also our home. For visitors, this means encountering a unique world shaped with love by the locals, along with thoughtfully designed services that introduce them to the life and activities of the coastal folk.

 Sometimes, the journey is the destination, which runs through all our homes and harmoniously traverses our physical and mental world, towards eternal happiness. At the end of the day, we are proud that our experiences on the journey were more than just photos stored on a phone.









A Romantic Seaside Path leads you through diverse landscapes between the coast and forests, captivating you with its tranquil coastal villages and authentic people whose stories and culture have evolved amid the warm summers and stormy winds of the Baltic Sea. Feel the freedom of breathing in rhythm with the waves, forests, and winds, listen to local tales and songs. Genuine activities in the heart of our true nature will gift you with world-expanding experiences.

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