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Why have I chosen to become a guide?

It actually chose me. Several decades ago, as I walked along Rüütli Street in Pärnu, a question arose in my mind. I wondered about the stories that had unfolded within the walls of these old houses and who the inhabitants of these grand residences might have been. The first step in becoming a guide was to start my guide studies in Pärnu. I found this really exciting. The most captivating narratives revolve around real individuals – their aspirations, actions, joys and yearnings. As a guide, my role is to share these stories of real people with an audience. These stories are authentic and touching. They can be instructive, or at times just prompt a shake of the head or a shrug of the shoulders. Ultimately, all these stories are about life, and it is through the stories of others that we find it easiest to understand both ourselves and those around us. I can confidently say that my enthusiasm for sharing these stories has not diminished over the years and it has actually become more exciting as time goes on. The moments when I tell stories and convey my enthusiasm about great individuals or significant locations are vivid and sincere, and the listeners can sense that authenticity. It brings me pure joy and satisfaction when the listeners become immersed in the stories, their eyes shining with emotion after the tour. It’s then that I know these genuine narratives have touched them deeply as well. Everyone has a story, and each of them is worth listening to and sharing.

Kaire, Guide in Häädemeeste.

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