About us

The Romantic Coastline unites all entrepreneurs, societies, non-profit organisations, local caterers and attractions

within the area of operation of the Pärnu Bay Partnership Assembly

who wish to be open to visitors.

The Pärnu Bay Partnership Assembly’s place branding project, the “Romantic Coastline”, emerged as part of a strategy plan for the area aimed at addressing the necessity for parties that would actively contribute to tourism in the merged municipalities and district municipalities and the shared interests of the member municipalities in developing and promoting the region as a whole, both internationally and domestically. The project organisers aim for visitors of the Romantic Coastline to have an exceptional experience, with services provided with love and products based on ideas that come straight from the heart.

Through the Romantic Coastline project, a part of the Estonian Rural Development Plan’s Leader measure, the Pärnu Bay area gets a unified identity. This unified identity enhances the efficiency of marketing the region. As a result of various project applications, the region has been mapped and we have conducted outreach marketing through media, attended events and expos, managed a training session and acquired inventory. This project is still ongoing. Our future planned areas of activity include website development, various training sessions, marketing local food, enhancing the visibility of the region, developing local services and much more.

Romantic Coastline projects


Project “Visible Coastline”, 2023

On 20 January 2023, MTÜ Pärnu Bay Partnership Assembly and MTÜ Terra Maritima signed an agreement for the collaborative project “Visible Coastline”, aimed at enhancing the visibility of the Romantic Coastline.

Total project costs: €14,496.47

Subsidies received: €13,046.83

Own contribution: €1449.64

Project duration: 2023

The project’s objective is to increase the visibility of the Romantic Coastline for tourism companies as a destination for tourism and vacations.

  • Our webpage is being translated into English.

  • An English version of the Estonian book titled “Flavours of the Sea and the Forest on the Romantic Coastline”, which introduces local entrepreneurs, is being translated.

  • Active marketing initiatives are currently underway.

As a result of the project, the Romantic Coastline is becoming more popular and accessible to a wider audience. The profile of tourism entrepreneurs and activities on the Romantic Coastline is being introduced and established in English for visitors from abroad.

Project “Enhancing the Visibility of the Romantic Coastline”.

Organising a festival that encompasses the entire Coastline

Project costs: €2000, received subsidies: €1800

For two years (2021 and 2022), a festival has been organised that covers the entire Coastline. The festival’s objective is to raise awareness of the coastline, enhance the popularity of destinations along it and foster collaboration with local communities, companies, organisations and municipalities along the Romantic Coastline.

Romantic Coastline virtual tour

Project costs: €15,000, received subsidies: €13,500

The virtual tour will include Romantic Beach Route landmarks, attractions and businesses in a single virtual experience set to be completed by 2022. This initiative aims to boost the Romantic Beach Route’s popularity in both domestic and international markets.

In relation to the “Enhancing Visibility” project, a virtual platform was established on the Romantic Beach Route website between 2020-2022 that brings together the objects, attractions and businesses of the Romantic Beach Route into a unified virtual tour. As part of the virtual tour, all significant Romantic Beach Route attractions and other interesting tourism spots were digitally mapped. Tourism businesses, including attractions, accommodation, catering, etc. for which entrepreneurs could seek subsidies (such as Allikukivi Winery), can be included in the tour. This helps create a comprehensive virtual representation of the Romantic Beach Route. This enhances the appeal of the Romantic Beach Route, eases trip planning and simplifies selecting destinations along the Beach Route both before and during the trip. Additionally, entrepreneurs will be promoting the entire Romantic Beach Route through their tours. Participating in the collaborative tour project fosters a sense of belonging within the network.

This platform offers the opportunity to further develop the visual identity of the Romantic Beach Route in both virtual and meta-realms.

  • Study tour introducing the Romantic Coastline.

On 3 May 2023, the Pärnu Bay Partnership Assembly organised a study tour to introduce the Romantic Coastline to members of the Estonian Tourism Association. This tour was part of the Leader project “Enhancing the Visibility of the Romantic Coastline”. The goal of the tour was to present exciting projects and foster collaboration in the field of tourism. The tour began in Tallinn and proceeded to Lihula. From there, it followed the coastal road through Matsi and Saulepi villages to the Sõmeri Conservation Area. The participants were introduced to the Tõstamaa Bakery shop, Tõstamaa Manor and Tõstamaa Mererei Restaurant. From there, the tour continued along the coast, passing through the villages of Liu and Lindi to the Valgeranna Veinitall. On the other side of Pärnu, participants visited the Konstantin Päts memorial and Tahkuranna Church. They then drove along the picturesque coast of Tahkuranna Village, where they could see an outdoor exhibition amidst the coastal pines. A stop was made at the charming Nurka Farm. From there, the road led us to the Häädemeeste Museum and the RMK Kabli Visitor’s Centre, where group activities were introduced. The trip concluded at the Allikukivi Winery. SCHEDULE

  • A study tour introducing recreational opportunities.

On 20 May 2023, a study tour was organised for nature tourism entrepreneurs associated with the Pärnu Bay Partnership Assembly. The tour included visits to Nedremaa Woodland, Kurese Ancient Village and Kastna Landscape Conservation Area as part of a collaborative project aimed at advancing joint endeavours, titled “Enhancing the Visibility of the Romantic Coastline”. The participants discussed possible events and services for the target group. They were also introduced to a diverse range of landscapes and the available possibilities for organising recreational activities. SCHEDULE

Project “Romantic Coastline Marketing 2021-2022”

Romantic Coastline landmark

Project costs: €14,950, received subsidies: €13,995

A landmark that symbolises the Romantic Coastline – a metal pine tree – production and installation near Kabli Society House, Allikukivi Winery and Virtsu Town.

Marketing activities for a festival encompassing the entire Romantic Coastline

Project costs: €15,500, received subsidies: €13,995

Promoting a festival that will cover the entire Romantic Coastline across Estonia in 2021-2022, aiming to increase the recognition of the Romantic Coastline.

Project management

Project costs: €3,110, received subsidies: €2,799

Collaborative marketing project for the Romantic coastline aimed at promoting local businesses, organisations and the region as a whole through a festival covering the entire Coastline. Collaborative project management, organisation, marketing, coordination of joint activities and execution between 2021-2022.

Project “Renewing the Visibility of the Romantic Coastline”

Directional information boards

Project costs: €4855.50, received subsidies: €4369.68

In collaboration with the Estonian Road Administration, international road signs with directional symbols were designed. These signs were installed with the assistance of the Road Administration along the state highway in Lääneranna Municipality to guide visitors towards the coastal highway. A new international road sign has been placed on Virtsu Maantee, along with an information board at the Puhtu-Laelatu Nature Reserve. Additionally, there is a sign near Vatla Manor that directs people towards the road to Puhtu-Laelatu Nature Reserve.

Information boards featuring tourism maps

Project costs: €16,644, received subsidies: €14,979

In collaboration with municipalities, 11 independent weatherproof tourism information map boards have been designed and installed along the Romantic Coastline as landmarks. These boards aim to enhance the region’s operating environment by realising the marketing strategy of the Romantic Coastline —making it more accessible, user-friendly and known to clients. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.

Collaborative Project “Romantic Coastline External Marketing Campaign”

Equipping Romantic Coastline landmarks – Romantic Coastline trees – with solar panels

Project costs: €6000, received subsidies: €5400

Three key Romantic Coastline landmarks – trees that embody the visual identity of the route – are equipped with solar panel systems with no network connection with the aim of providing light during dark periods. The landmark trees of the Romantic Coastline that are being illuminated are located near Allikukivi Manor, Kabli Society House and the Virtsu parking lot. This project aims to enhance visibility in these outdoor areas.

Coastline External Marketing Campaign

Project costs: €14,195, received subsidies: €12,775

As part of the project, materials were developed to introduce the Romantic Coastline as a tourism and vacation destination, showcasing its identity, opportunities and entrepreneurs to a wider audience through external media channels. Advertisements were done through the joint event “Coastline Wild Flavours Festival,” which was held in autumn and centred around culinary experiences. LOCATIONS