Why do I like it here?

Because my roots run deep within the Audru soil. Audru offers an excellent living environment along a long-stretching coast, in the middle of a forest, yet also close to a city. Thanks to the close-knit communities and strong traditions, people will quickly feel safe and at home after moving here. Several generations of locals live here alongside new young families. It is beneficial for children to grow up here, as Audru provides them with the opportunity to find balance and wellness in their lives. This all motivates me to act. Community well-being and happiness serve as the foundation for my efforts to further develop the community in a positive manner. Creating high-quality public spaces and buildings is of great importance to me, and this can be achieved through organising and guiding planning processes. Audru is a growing, developing, changing, youthful and highly active community. In conclusion, Audru is an ideal place for living, starting a company or vacationing.

Priit, Head of Rural Audru Municipality District

Wine tasting in ValgerannaVeinitall

Old Shool Cafe in Lindi

Fish cafe at the Captain’s Farm

Tiido-Tiiu Farm

Audru Museum

Valgeranna Adventure Park

Küti-Uuetoa bird farm

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