Exciting stops for gourmet lovers

Kihnu Harbour Market (during summer)

What better reception could you have upon arrival on the island than the greetings of locals and the best food within a stone’s throw of the pier? This is exactly what you get on Kihnu Island. The market building is located right next to the harbour, and after your sea journey a bite of local food is definitely welcome – Kihnu’s black and white breads, smoked fish and Baltic herring rolls are famous. An excellent start to your exciting exploration of the island! Naturally, you can find even more flavours characteristic of Kihnu on the island proper – seal meat, boiled potatoes with peel, stewed Baltic herring and many other interesting dishes.

Herb garden on Tamme Farm

In addition to Herb Garden being a paradise for gardeners (for example by offering new ideas for developing your farm), it is also an extremely discovery-rich location for green thumbs. Perhaps even more so for beginners, in fact, since new gardeners often can’t even imagine what can be grown and eaten. It is completely understandable if after leaving the place you can’t decide what made you the happiest. Is it the extraordinary aromas? The eye-catching beauty on display? The discovery that plants from every corner of the world grow in Pärnu County? The knowledge that you just taste-tested decorative plants? Or that an aromatic or medical herb you just bought from the farm shop will be driving home with you?

Herb garden on Tamme Farm

Kärsu Collection Gardens (July-September)

Is your favourite colour red, yellow or orange? Are you looking for experiences that are full of heat? Perhaps you’re a gardener yourself? If you answered ‘yes’ to any or all of these questions, then it’s definitely worth visiting Kärsu Collection Gardens, where next to other products the emphasis is on growing different types of chillies, of which there are as many as 130. Not being an expert you might think that, pffft, a pepper is a pepper – but you couldn’t be more wrong! There are plenty of different flavours among chilli peppers alone, starting from the mild taste of paprika up to super-hot varieties. Chilli peppers also come in different shapes and are grown in different ways – be it in baskets, bushes, pots, in bonsai varieties and as flower-like plants. In addition to a tour, the family at the gardens also offers tastings of its products. Warm up your mouth and open your mind!

Kärsu Collection Gardens

Maria Farm Bread-making Workshop

Is it not so that the most delicious black bread is the kind that’s just out of the oven? Even more so if you’ve just baked it yourself. In addition to a wonderful flavour experience, you gain the knowledge to be able to bake bread with your own hands. This is a skill that will serve you throughout your life. Since the workshop takes place in an old farmhouse, you also get to experience the true farm atmosphere. But don’t think for a second that Maria Farm is only limited to offering local experiences: you’ll be given a starter and a recipe to take home with you. You’ll be a master baker in no time!

Maria farm


Coastline wineries

Estonian wine producers have proven that wines made from local fruits and berries are very enjoyable. Particularly good flavour is bestowed on a wine if it is enjoyed in an old manor, as then your other senses will also be sated – you’ll admire architecture preserved from other historic buildings and can put the missing elements together in your imagination and you’ll hear about its exciting history, since every manor has its fascinating stories and you can feel the atmosphere of the house. At the Allikukivi and Pootsi wineries the heads of the estates are men and women who are wine gourmets who, along with wine production, tell exciting stories of the history of the manor and take you on excursions on their lands.

Pootsi Winery

Allikukivi Winery




Could a small village store ever be so well-known that every time you drive past it you get the irresistible urge to stop your car and step inside? While your introduction to Kabli Bakery is the wonderful aroma which wafts from it, the next time your incentive will be the delicate flavours etched in the corners of your memory. If you happen to be driving through Häädemeeste though and you spot a small pretzel sign, then you’ll know to set your course in the direction the arrow’s pointing. Upon arrival you’ll be welcomed by the kind head of the household, Selma, who in addition to a golden smile has golden hands perfect for baking! If you come in the morning, fresh bread will be waiting for you; if later in the day, you can enjoy home-made foods containing local produce. When leaving, your stomach will be full and you will have a smile on your face similar to Selma’s.

Kabli bakery

Selma bakery

Fish cafe at the Captain’s Farm

A paradise for fans of fish and their friends! Fish lovers of course because they can try local fish dishes here. The fish is caught early in the morning by the head of the household from the very gulf whose waters lap at the shoreline just outside the café. For those whose blood fish dishes do not get pumping, then depending which produce is ripening in the garden, the farm offers fresh smoothies and sweet treats. As such, everyone will leave with a full stomach, a smile on their face and something to take home with them.

Fish cafe at the Captain’s Farm

Dumpling Workshop (for groups)

Russian Farmyard, which is as if hidden away in Pärnu County because it is located away from busy roads, is a fun surprise for fans of different cultures. While you’re being charmed by the kind reception from the family, you’re already admiring the farm’s courtyard and buildings with their wood carvings, items decorated with Khokhloma art and other details that draw your attention. In addition to a dumpling workshop in which you can improve your manual skills and fill your stomach, you will gain plenty of knowledge about Russian culture and customs.

Russian Farmyard

Oidrema Organic Robot Barn visit and tasting of Mätiku Dairy Farm products

Have you ever wondered what the process of making yoghurt, milk or cheese involves? Or how organic cows are bred and how an organic barn operates? In order to better understand the nature and advantages of organic products and how products are handmade as part of small-scale production, it is worth visiting Mätiku Dairy Farm. After you’ve tasted their products for yourself, you can buy your favourites to take home with you.

Mätiku Dairy Farm

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