Seikle Vabaks (Freedom of Adventure) – kayak trip to Sorgu Island

Sorgu is small (5 ha) uninhabited island in Pärnu Bay, near Kihnu and Manija. There is no harbour on the island nor a regular ferry line, which is why kayaking to Sorgu Island is an unforgettable adventure! 
A lighthouse keeper with their family used to live there, but now, various seabirds (especially cormorants) have taken over the island. There is a lighthouse and much more to discover! 
It is prohibited to move on the island from 1 April to 15 July for the protection of migratory birds.

The trip includes:
* kayaks + equipment
* guide
* lunch.
The indicated price is meant for a group of at least six people. If there are less than six people, we can agree on a price!

Additional info

Tour info
Minimum number of participants: 2
Maximum number of participants: 20
Duration (hours): 8
Length/Distance: 18.0
Additional services
Catering included in price
Transportation to the destination at extra cost




SORGU TULEPAAK, Manija küla, Pärnu

Opening times and prices
Advance bookings only
Adult: 45€