RMK Nigula Study Trail

The Nigula Nature Conservation Area was established to protect a 6400 ha area of untouched bogs, forests and meadows. The heart of the Nigula Conservation Area is the Nigula bog with its five bog islands covered in virgin forest and a large bog lake.

An area rich in cranberries, which are also the symbol of Nigula, a lovely view of the bog can be enjoyed from the trail’s watchtower – accessed by a 530 m wooden path.  Starting from the car park, the path entrance also includes an information board, a washroom, and a sheltered table with benches for visitors to enjoy a refreshing picnic after a great walk!
Did you know…?: Anyone wanting to hike outside of the existing study trail needs a permit from the administration of the conservation area.

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Tour info
Length/Distance: 6.0
Viewing platform
Information boards
Recreation area/picnic ground
Drop Toilet



Nigula looduskaitseala, Urissaare küla, Häädemeeste vald

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Free of charge