RMK Lake Rae Hiking Trail and Camping Site

Lake Rae Hiking Trail and Camping Site is a calm and peaceful resting place in the middle of forests.
In addition to swimming and fishing, you can admire the varied landscapes and walk the 1.7 km hiking trail that runs along the shore of Lake Rae where one can see signs of activity from kingfishers and beavers.
There is a fish ladder built in 2003 near the rest area, which allows the fish to swim from the Ura River to Lake Rae. There are also three bonfire places, firewood in a shed, a village swing, toilets, and bins in the camping site.
Take note! The viewing platform at the end of the hiking trail is damaged and currently closed off.

Additional info

Tour info
Length/Distance: 1.7
Camping area
Viewing platform
Drop Toilet
Information boards
Recreation area/picnic ground
Free parking



Rae paisjärv, Laiksaare küla, Saarde vald

Opening times and prices
Free of charge