Lindi Nature Conservation Area observation tower

You can take a look at the Lindi Nature Conservation Area from the observation tower by the road, as unfortunately, no hiking trails have been constructed yet. You can go for a walk in the bog, but you have to make sure not to damage the delicate landscape.
There is a rest area with a roof next to the observation tower, perfect for a break or a snack.
Lindi bog and picturesque islets form the centre of the 11,000 hectare Lindi Nature Conservation Area by the Pärnu-Tõstamaa highway. There are also many different species of plants and birds, mire communities, and the surrounding forests (more than 20 different types!).
Good to know! The southern part of the bog is rich in blueberries, cranberries, and mushrooms during autumn.

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Lindi looduskaitseala, Kavaru küla, Pärnu

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