Kayak tour to Manija island by Seikle Vabaks

Manija, a small rocky islet in the Bay of Pärnu, is one of the smallest inhabited islets in Europe. Through this kayaking trip to Manija island; visitors will discover the islands unique traditional culture, which is included in the UNESCO list of world heritages.

Our kayaking trip to Manija will take about 5 hours. Kayakers will learn about the nature and history of the island, as well as the life of the local coastal fishermen. We will visit the harbour, museum and it`s exhibition hall, as well Manija lighthouse.

Tour includes a kayak and necessary equipment, tour guide service, a light outdoor meal, and a ticket to the museum where you`ll be introduced Manija culture and everyday life.

The tour price is valid for groups of at least 6 people, groups of less than 6 are encouraged to contact the expedition company for an separately agreed upon price.

Additional info

Tour info
Maximum number of participants: 20
Minimum number of participants: 2
Duration (hours): 5
Additional services
Transportation to the destination at extra cost
Catering included in price
Guide service




Lao küla, Pärnu

Opening times and prices
Advance bookings only
Adult: 40€