In the homes of old captains

In the homes of old captains

The long coastline of Pärnu county offers great opportunityies to explore the life and traditions of coast fishermen, to enjoy differenty sandy beaches and visit many nature conservation areas. In the Rannametsa-Tolkuse hiking trail you can mount the highest sand dunes in Estonia and climb the highest observation platform in Pärnumaa. The villages on the Häädemeeste coast are famous for their sailing history, with monuments, grand wooden houses that belonged to old captains and family graves in the village cemeteries to remind us of that. The seaside vacation area from Kabli to Treiman is one of the most popular places in Pärnumaa where yo spend one’s summer and vacation.

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Luitemaa looduskaitseala, Rannametsa küla, Häädemeeste vald

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