Guided tour of the Pärnu County, route: Audru-Tõstamaa-Varbla

In the eastern part of Audru rural municipality, you will find the beach of Valgerand; in the west, there is a protected reed-bed habitat and a polder. To the south, there are fishing villages and the Lindi nature reserve; the north-western part borders with the Nätsi-Võlla wetland conservation area. Audru Museum and Tõstamaa manor are definitely worth a visit.
Contact a certified tour guide and arrange the best route and timetable for your group (a county tour takes 3 to 5 hours); for reference, you can use the list of sights available below. Hourly rates for a tour guide start from 40 euros; the price does not include transportation.

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Tour info
Minimum number of participants: 1
Maximum number of participants: 30
Duration: 1
Length/Distance: 50.0
Transportation type
Tour bus
By car


Uus tänav 4, Pärnu linn, Pärnu

Opening times and prices
Advance bookings only
Group price: 120€