Archery tournament in Fishing Village

Bring your friends and have an archery tournament!
We will arrange an entertaining tournament under the guidance of an experienced instructor.
First, we will introduce the sport and carry out a training session. After that, we will have a competition to identify the best of the day.
We use traditional longbows which are suitable for children and adults alike.
You can also try hitting the target with a compound bow and a crossbow, as well as throw the Viking axe.
In winter, we offer soup and coffee for an additional fee to keep you warm.
Spend a lovely day in our archery range with your family, friends, or colleagues!
Minimum group size: 5 people.

Additional info

Tour info
Duration (hours): 2
Wheelchair accessible
Free parking
Suitable for children
Recreation area/picnic ground
Additional services
Special equipment for adults
Special equipment for children




Uus-Sauga tänav 62, Pärnu linn, Pärnu

Opening times and prices
Advance bookings only
Adult: 18€
Child: 15€
Family ticket: 75€