Seven things to do on the Romantic Coastline in winter

As we all know, winter is one of the best times of year to discover what nature has to offer. Thanks to the big freeze, some places become accessible that you would otherwise never be able to get to. You can also find animal tracks in the snow, and since there are no leaves on the trees or bushes to block your view, there’s altogether more to see. All you have to do is wrap up warmly and let the people who live along the Coastal Road show you what the region has to offer.

  1. Cross-country skiing at Jõulumäe Sports Centre: These tracks use artificial snow and are therefore open until April. In the right winter weather, extra tracks are created using actual snow. The tracks vary greatly in length and degree of difficulty and can be easily combined depending on your wishes and abilities. If you don’t have your own equipment, Jõulumäe’s ski hire will have everything you need.
  2. Go sledding on Jõulumäe Hill: This sledding hill, which utilises artificial snow, is open whatever the weather – it can be used even when it’s raining or the temperature rises above zero.
  3. Ice-skating on bog lakes: The stunning natural environment of the Coastal Road is worth exploring all year round. When there’s no snow but it’s still cold enough out, the beautiful bog lakes are perfect for some fun exploration by visitors of all ages.
  4. Winter fishing on the ice: Experienced fishermen know that the best places for ice fishing are Pärnu Bay and Lake Ermistu. If you don’t have any experience of fishing on the ice but would like to give it a try, the Fishing Village can help you.
  5. Discover what the island of Kihnu holds in store in winter: If you love travelling and exploring fascinating places most other tourists never make it to, then winter is the best time to discover the island of Kihnu! When the ice gets thick enough a road is opened from the mainland that makes travelling to the island much simpler and quicker. But even if the weather means the ice road can’t be used, boats still sail to the island all winter long. Puhka Kihnus or ‘Take a break on Kihnu’ has put together a mini-stay package to make visiting the island as simple as possible. In addition to seeing all the sights, it includes trying local food and drink and experiencing a traditional sauna.
  6. Wintry forest hikes: There are lots of hiking trails along the Romantic Coastal Road, each of them different in length. They are the perfect way to explore the diverse natural environment here. For example, you can try the Nigula bog trail, set deep in the heart of the forest away from human settlement; or the Rannametsa-Tolkuse hiking trail, which is well located and easy for the whole family; or the Tuhu bog trail with its viewing tower; or a more adventurous hike to the medieval Soontagana stronghold or Kurese ancient village.
  7. Warm yourself up in a sauna: After hiking or playing sports outdoors there’s no better way to unwind and warm up than in a hot sauna. Just about every accommodation facility along the Coastal Road has a sauna of its own. In particular, we can recommend the authentic smoke sauna at Vango Wonderland, the “farming folk’s spa” at Maria Farm and the barrel sauna at Ojako Holiday & Training Centre.


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