Five Most Romantic Locations on the Romantic Coastline

Where better to enjoy romance but here on the Romantic Coastline! For true romantics we have the five most romantic locations to spend time alone, with your partner or even with your family.

1. Picnic on the Rannametsa-Tolkuse Nature and Study Trail

Undeniably one of the most beautiful locations, where time stays still and you can rest your eyes while enjoying the glory of nature, as the environment instantly creates a special kind of feeling. On the 2.2 kilometre-long trail you can walk on a boardwalk through a bog landscape and in a pine forest on sand dunes, and if the season allows you can also swim in a bog lake and climb a tower to enjoy the distinctive views of nature from above. Well suited to romantic picnics are the rest sites beside the bog lake, the area around the viewing tower and on windless days also the tower’s observation platform.

Rannametsa-Tolkuse Nature and Study Trail

Photo: Priidu Saart/ViisitPärnu

2. Kihnu Lighthouse with romantic strolls and a Kihnu Gurmee picnic

One of the characteristics of a romantic location is how unique or special it is. The entire island of Kihnu, with its own culture and nature, fulfils both criteria. If your plan, however, is to spend your time there in a romantic way, it is worth taking a stroll to the lighthouse on the southern-most tip of the island. The location of the lighthouse with the waves lapping the shoreline and the opportunity to climb among the large rocks will be something you remember for a long time. If the opportunity to climb to the top of the lighthouse (open in summer) arises, even more beautiful images will be seared into your memory. Kihnu Gurmee will serve you a romantic meal in a location that’s a perfect fit for you. The nuances of flavour that are offered will definitely never be forgotten, just like your visit to the island.

Kihnu Gurmee

Kihnu Lighthouse

Photo: Kihnu Gurmee

3. Canoe to bog lakes untouched by people for centuries

Romantic moments are best enjoyed in privacy. And what could be more private than a location that people haven’t set foot in for hundreds of years! Leave behind your everyday concerns and enjoy the burble of water, delightful nature and moments spent together. This canoe hike takes place in a raised bog, which can be compared to a large water bed. If you haven’t seen the forest, peat moss ‘spa’ or underground river located here, you’ll soon be able to add all of these new experiences to your list! Right next to the line ‘quality time spent with loved ones’.

Canoeing on bog lakes

4. Sunset on the beach at Hotel Lepanina

Until you’ve experienced the sunset on the beach at Hotel Lepanina, you simply can’t even imagine the meaning of a perfect sunset. The sun sinks into the sea and creates an extraordinarily colourful sky with different shades of blue, red, yellow and orange. The waves splash quietly against the stones on the beach as you sit on a large rock or on the lit-up pier, swinging your legs over the water and enjoying the company of your loved ones. Not a single summer should pass without a sunset like that. Moreover, during the warmer months the hotel’s summer terrace is also open, meaning the wonderful views of the sea are even further enhanced by delicious meals.

Lepanina hotel

Photo: Jaan Krivel

5. Winery visit

By their very nature, manors always create a romantic atmosphere. And it’s a matter of fact that what we have here is an old house with its own exciting stories and grand appearance, with pillars, carvings, paintings and everything else; the fact that it is a manor house speaks for itself. There are only two wineries in Estonia, and both of them are located on the Romantic Coastline. Both the people at Allikukivi Winery and the family at Pootsi Winery have united their passions – producing wines and showcasing the history of the manors with excursions in the manor parks, buildings and gardens. Through this our manors have taken on a new charm and experiencing it all is simultaneously interesting, enjoyable and romantic.

Pootsi Winery

Allikukivi Winery



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